Is it possible to make money online?. Heres the evidence Updated for 2022

Updated: January 14, 2022

So I?ve quit my job and am now looking at alternative ways of producing a income. There are probably many people in the same situation.

I?ve got enough money in the bank to last me a couple of years so I?ve approached this from an impartial perspective and am motivated by curiosity more than potential financial gain.

There are lots of web based ?opportunities? which claim to be able to generate cash, but as with all things in life you never get anything for nothing and they all seem to play on the same emotions which drive the stock market ? Greed and Fear.

Is it possible to generate a passive income from an on-line venture?.

I don?t know is the honest answer, but after several days of on line research I?ve chosen a system that?s going to help me find out.

Did it cost me money ? absolutely. The same price as a good night out.

Did it cost me time ? absolutely. A few hours

Did it make me money ? Possibly ? I?ll keep a running total on my website to show money spent compared to money coming in..

To view the system I?ve chosen for my initial venture into generating income from the web please visit my website.

There will be a link from the site to show the financial status to date.

Remember ? I have no reason to lie. I?m doing this for fun and to prove a point.

Good Luck with your online income generation/working from home business venture!.